Lindsey Hiner

I would love to engage in product development, fashion illustration, buying, forecasting, or marketing for a company based on my fashion industry knowledge, field experience, and education from Central Washington University. I have a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and a Business Administration Minor.

Courses at Central Washington University:

GEOL 101 Physical Geology
IT 101 Computer Applications
MATH 130 Finite Mathematics
UNIV 101 Academic Advising Sem
ENG 101 Comp I: Critical Read/Respond
FCSA 301 Intro to Fashion Industry
PSY 205 Psychology of Adjustment
TH 101 Apprec of Theatre/Film
GEOG 101 World Regional Geography
MATH 153 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
SOC 101 Social Problems
ANTH 110 Intro to Biological Anthropology
PEID 137 Hiking and Orienteering
ENG 102 Composition II: Reason/Res
ECON 201 Principles of Economics Micro
ADMG 201 Introduction to Business
FCSG 220 Leadership & Human Dev
NUTR 245 Basic Nutrition
RMT 330 Principles of Retailing
ADMG 271 Business Math Applications
FCSA 389 Fashion Trend Analysis
FCSA 489 Retail Buying
PEF 128 Glute/Abdominal Conditioning
FCSA 289 NW Field Exp in Apparel & Text
BUS 241 Legal Environment of Business
FCSA 351 Soc/Cult Aspts Apparel
FCSA 355 Consumer Textiles
FCSA 379 Internship Planning
ACCT 301 Financial Accounting Analysis
FCSA 280 Basic Sewing Techniques
FCSG 419 Applied Research & Evaluation
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
FCSA 181 Fashion Show Production
HRM 381 Management of Human Resources
IT 248 Web Fundamentals
MKT 360 Principles of Marketing
BSED 146 Basic Accounting
FCSA 452 History of Fashion
PEF 110 Conditioning Exercises
RT 201 Intro to Recreation & Tourism
FCSA 353 Sewn Product Analysis 3.00 3.00 A-
IT 258 Spreadsheet Applications
RMT 340 Principles of Selling
PEF 122 Dance Fusion
SOC 357 Sociology of Families
FCSA 487 FM Exit Assessment
HRM 381 Management of Human Resources
MGT 380 Organizational Management
PEF 128 Glute/Abdominal Conditioning