Visual Displays

I created a store ambiance based the geography and ethics of Krochet Kids. Their yarn is made of bamboo, so I included bamboo and earthy elements in design and a waterfront since it is a seaside location.

This is a store layout I created for a Krochet Kids business. The roundtables would hold loose jewelry items, the tables would hold shoes, folded pants, and outerwear. The rack on the top of the page would hang shirts and dresses.

Through my internship at Nordstrom, i was allowed to create a visual display using the current products at my department- Individualist. I showcased the innovative silk blazer, boot heels, dark skinny denim and tweed fashions for Winter 2013.

I coordinated with the manager at Maurices in Ellensburg to utilize my knowlege of fashion trends and help the company display important merchandise. I mixed metallics, white trousers, chunky necklaces, and lavendars, for the trends of Spring 2013.


Creating visual displays for Krochet Kids, Nordstrom, and Maurices.