Trend/Visual Project

The goal was to make a poster based on the evolution of a singular trend. I chose gloves since they are a classic piece, and showed how the detailing changed through different eras.

The assignment was to create a color board based on the forecasted the colors for the following year. I correlated the color names with the feel of the season for more depth.

This project was designed to take a simple classic piece that is seen throughout time. I showed how the classic pencil skirt was worn then and now, and still remains unchanged.

I analyzed the consumer market of San Francisco city for men, and the trend patterns for the year and designed a poster to represent the innovative trends that could be implemented in a business.

I researched the events going happening in America such as space flight and new developments towards Mars. I forecasted the colors for Fall 2013 and tied in earthy pictures that followed the spirit of the 2013.

Marketing Report I created for Giani Granite January 2015

Marketing Report I created for GianiGranite December 2014

Marketing Report I created for Gianigranite February 2015


I created visual projects to demonstrate the rhythm of cultural changes in fashion and color.